Shift the imagination of future cities through the voices of citizens marginalised from city making.

We are building a public access platform that share citizens' lived experiences to influence how we can re-imagine future cities to be humane and inclusive.

Our approach is rooted in listening without appropriation or translation, in order to view, experience and imagine citizen perspectives, who remain excluded from the city-making process. We intend to archive stories and narratives by people, who document their first-person observations and experiences in the cities they inhabit.

We pass the mic over to citizens that are integral to cities, yet remain excluded from its imagination and thus design. We ask them to voice their concerns, ask them what's missing, what works but is not celebrated and may disappear, and just what has never been thought about by their city makers. And we do this in a way that makes their perspectives visible and accessible.


The initiative is led by Amritha Ballal, an architect, urbanist and founding partner at Space Matters Studio, and Virkein Dhar, an architect, creative producer, entrepreneur and founder at Poppy Seed Lab in India.

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